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  1. Prequalify for a French mortgage
    Be better prepared for negotiations by being pre-qualified for a French mortgage prior to searching. Now is the ideal time to spend some time finding out how much you can borrow and what mortgage conditions could potentially be available to you. French mortgages differ greatly to mortgages in other countries so it’s best to know where you stand before you find the property of your dreams. Find out free of charge and with no obligation how much you can borrow here: French mortgage quote
  2. Be sure of where you would like to buy
    France’s many regions and diverse landscapes offer a multitude of possibilities when it comes to choosing where to buy. For many years, foreigners have fallen under the charm of South Western France as well as Brittany and other rural areas. Buying now means you have to consider whether these areas will be as easy to access in years to come with the aviation industry currently in upheaval. Why not consider areas with access to several airports or easily accessed by car/ferry as a way of reducing risk ? Either way, now is the time to draw up that ever important wish list and fully research the area and villages of interest to you. After all if you dream about meandering around French markets it’s probably best to pick an area that offers plenty of decent size markets in nearby villages spread over the days of the week. After all, who hasn’t been disappointed at turning up at a market to discover one lonely fruit and veg stall ?
  3. Visit properties online using 360° virtual tours
    Yes ! This is a thing now, and even though French agents are still terrible at doing pictures (sorry agents but I’ve seen too many drive by pictures in the last few months to believe otherwise), they are adopting the latest real estate technology trends, with more agents offering virtual tours that can be done from your own home: no need to travel! This can save you hours and €€€’s in wasted visits so it’s worth finding agents that will offer this service.
  4. Save money each month towards your deposit
    This may seem unnecessary if you’ve already got your deposit money saved, but even if you have, I strongly recommend putting money away each month if you’re going to be buying with a French mortgage. French mortgage lenders expect to see regular saving and if this is something that you haven’t been doing then now is the time to start. It strengthens your application when  lenders consider how you are going to pay the new mortgage if they can already see that you are putting money away each month.
  5. Start learning French !
    Et oui ! There are plenty of online videos and applications for learning a new language and you’ll have years of dealing with French paperwork ahead of you (very little paperwork is translated into English in France) so you may as well get a head start now!

    Sharon Revol
    Love Finance, French Mortgage Direct